Baby Bath Time & a Surprising Little Life Hack

I used to dread bathing Taylor, weird hey? I mean she’s my fourth baby so I should have this down man, and so I thought.

I mean come on I’m not a first-time mom, I’ve been through this newborn, new baby, first baths before multiple times right?

Ummm, I guess I was proved wrong. “You haven’t got it all figured out mom, I’ll show you!”

Well my lil’ miss threw me for a loop at bath time. Now my kids (i.e. the three boys) don’t particularly like having their hair washed I’ll admit, but bathing and playing in the bath, they love. Even as tiny newborns they didn’t really cry. Well, for the first bath, Caleb cried, but that was it, admittedly with his casts and everything he only had bed baths for the first seven months (see his clubbed feet story here to read why we had to do bed baths) but those first few weeks as a newborn he had regular baths. Craig was fine too and so was Joel.

The first bath Taylor cried, I thought it would get better with the next one so I was not prepared for what happened next. She cried again with the second bath, a lot and then the third and the fourth and, and, and… no matter what I did, warmed the room, different water temperatures, warmed her clean set of clothing waiting, feeding her before the bath, even swaddling her in a muslin cloth and only unwrapping her in the warm water, we tried everything. It was the only time that she did that, she never cried otherwise, she was actually a very calm, sweet and relatively quiet baby, so it was really unsettling at bath time, and I dreaded it each time. I don’t think I ever felt so anxious about bathing a baby as I did with Lil’ Miss Taylor, it went on and on, until I discovered a little trick that solved it all. A bucket.

One day, when Taylor was about six weeks old, I decided to try using a small bucket we had, thinking maybe if she was fully immersed it would help. It worked! My gosh it worked and for the first time ever, Taylor never cried one bit during the bath and I even got to take some pictures. The bucket I discovered, made her feel secure because of the of the narrow space, it allowed her to be immersed deeply in the water and it was actually a lot easier to handle and wash her that way too. From then on until she could sit on her own securely at about six months old we used that same bucket.

Who knew a simple bucket could be the answer to my problem?

Taylor is now eight months old and she loves bath time, now we can bath her ten times a day and she would love it. She splashes wildly and even loves when the water gets splashed in her face. Now though we use a round basin instead, because we had water restrictions and became very water wise in Cape Town, we don’t always put water in the big bath, we found that she’s a little more secure in the basin as apposed to in the big bath or even her baby bath, she loves it. Using the basin also allowed her to be in her own little bit of water at the same time while I was in the bath myself or when she bathed with her brothers who were in slightly hotter water than she was, this little trick also saves me a little time as with our full and busy household bath time can become quite time consuming.

I’m sure there are many bath and baby bath products on the market which can do the same thing, but a bucket or basin seemed to work just right for us. If you have any tips for making bath time fun or easier or if you had a baby who hated bath time as much as Taylor did as a newborn then please let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear from you.

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