Parenting is hard!

Caleb is becoming a young man, an individual, a person in his own right. It’s a difficult process for me, it’s a tough thing for a parent to accept, to let them go on their own course, for a child to think differently than you do, to challenge you on what you think, to make their own choices, well for us, it’s beginning of that stage…

Caleb is not a baby, toddler or even a small child that I’m mostly able to control and make him chose what I want him to chose, and make the decisions that I want him to make and even to be friends with the kids that you want him to be friends with.

Obviously I am still his parent and together Jonathan and I will continue to mould and shape him into the man he will one day become. He is only 11, but he has reached the age or the maturity level, that he, although with our help, be making his own decisions in most respects.

I’ve never been a parent of an 11 year old before, so this is new to me. For those of you who have pre-teens and teenagers, advice is welcome, and for those who are still going to get there, you’ll get it when your kids get here too, trust me, you’ll know when you know.

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