Craig has HAIR!

Craig: “Mommy, will you take a picture of my hair so I can see how it’s growing, and don’t forget the back, and you have to show me hey.”

News flash! Craig’s hair is growing back, Yay!

Now that his chemotherapy and radiation has all been completed, and after a few scans and blood tests, Craig is officially in remission, all clear of cancer! He has the removal of his Port-a-cath scheduled towards the end of September, this involves anesthesia and a small incision, only taking a few minutes in theatre.  The function of the port was to eliminate the constant needle pricks and subsequent damaging of veins because once the port was accessed they could do everything from there (read more here). Being in remission the need for constant administering of chemo, drawing blood and other procedures that require the use of the port is gone, and so he no longer requires the use of the device.

Craig is doing very well and is a normal healthy, busy and terribly mischievous little boy!

He lately has been giving me such a hard time and misbehaving so much especially when with Joel, BUT Craig is hands down the instigator. When he and Joel are playing they get up to all kinds of mischief and he always plays innocent and Joel gets the blame – and poor Joel can’t speak well enough to defend himself – but we’re on to you Craig! Little bugger! He was cleared by doctors to be able to return to school from September since his immune system would by then be fully recovered from the chemo, and I cannot wait! Honestly the reason for his mischief is simply boredom, while we tried to keep up the academic side of school here at home, he longs for the stimulation and peer interaction that comes with school and he is so excited to be able to see and play with all his friends.

This sweet moment captured in the picture along with the cute request from him to snap it though was in between a whole lot of chaos (for me) and fun (for him and Joel). They were running up and down on the edges of the rugby field, pretending that the rope was a fire hose and that they were in the thick of putting out a huge blaze. Out of the blue Craig stops as if he’s suddenly remembered something, turns to me and asks me to take pics of his hair. As soon as I’m done, and I’ve shown him of course, he is right back, deep in their game of imaginary fires and fun. Somewhere in the mix also included them being reprimanded for going too far out where I couldn’t see them, an argument or two, toilet runs, and back to their imaginary world. Minutes later to Craig being reprimanded for leading Joel around a corner to find some more mischief – although they were just barely unsuccessful at causing any because this crazy mom is on so it, even while baby Taylor sleeps soundly in the baby carrier and big brother Caleb is busy with rugby practice.

From laughter and crying, fighting and making up, coinciding naps or no naps at all, winter snuggles and movies, to playing together, playing on their own, shouting at siblings or comforting the baby with a song when she cries. Our family is busy, a bit crazy, lots of loud fun, and here and there quiet moments that seem strange almost, our big family is all this and more. I wouldn’t change it for the world, even when I’m at my worst, because even a little of the best, is better than anything and makes it all worthwhile.

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