Lil’ Miss Taylor is ONE !

Just a month ago we celebrated Lil’ Miss Taylor’s FIRST Birthday!

How did time go by so quickly? It feels like just the other day I was neck deep in like a 100 nappy changes a day, small naps that went by without even a chance to shower and around the clock breastfeeding. Don’t worry first-time-moms-to-be it wasn’t all bad, I promise. It is all that but so much more. I miss the newborn baby stage, the first little sounds and expressions, the first gurgle, the first smile, the satisfaction of a burp, all of it. Where has time gone my baby?

A year old already, but oh there are new firsts to welcome and enjoy! This stage is so cute to witness, to see her little personality develop, she’s already got a feisty attitude and demands to be heard around her noisy and busy brothers. She already loves them so and is so affectionate with them, she likes to play cars with them, to watch how they run circles around her and soon she’ll join them. Taylor has just started standing on her own for a few seconds at a time, she can say her name (well sort-of), she says “Tayyy” or “Tay-er” it’s adorable – it’s on her Highlight on Instagram if you’d like to see it. She loves eating and eats absolutely everything (except that we limit gluten because she gets constipated if she has too much) but did you know that she had no teeth up until a couple days ago (at thirteen months old!) Seriously, not one, but she still ate and chewed anything. Finally the first tooth has just budded! Yay for new milestones!

So about Lil’ Miss Taylor’s first birthday party…

A baby’s first birthday is a major milestone, and as we’ve done with all of our children, a party is a must, granted the parties have gotten a little bigger as our friends start having children, but a first birthday is special and something to be celebrated, and boy (or girl) did we! I am no organiser extraordinaire and so hubby’s aunt (like a fairy godmother), Ruth jumped in to guide me and make sure we had everything sorted, she is extremely talented at party planning and made sure that Lil’ Miss Taylor’s 1st birthday was a dream come true.

Ruth also spearheaded the set-up on the day, with the help of her brother Mark too. Jonathan, obviously because if he Mr McGuyver and as always my right hand man, and then my bestie Pax went above and beyond in set-up and clean-up. My mom is alwasys our star sitter, and got the kids ready at home, brought them to the party and took charge as co-host too. Talk about an amazing tribe that I’ve got, and that’s not the half of them! Love my family, love my tribe of awesome people!

How did we choose the theme? It was all based on Taylor’s baby mobile – which itself has a bit of a back-story to it. I purchased two pairs of little felt newborn booties from Mossie Handmade, one unicorn pair and one dragon pair. It was our theme for our gender reveal photoshoot, unicorn for girl or dragon for boy, and it all spiralled from there…

I ran a giveaway in the spirit of our gender reveal, consisting of two prizes, one for a girl and one for a boy, my first giveaway and I loved it, it went so well! I mean who doesn’t like winning stuff that you actually want!

We then did a Gender Reveal photoshoot with our family and our three moms i.e. very excited grannies joined for the shoot as well.

We then got dangles for Taylor’s baby mobile made based on the same unicorn and dragon and asked to add a pastel rainbow to go with it, the mobile dangles once again came out perfectly! I was clearly addicted because I then had a pram/car seat garland in the same theme made, ALL beautifully hand crafted felt elements that I will treasure forever!

Lil’ Miss Taylor’s entire Birthday Party was themed all around the same felt creations from Mossie Handmade, and the littlest guests even got a unicorn or dragon party favour to take home. I designed the invitation and a poster for the party (later to be hung on the wall in her room – or baby nook), all based on the mobile too – I also used the same design with just the outline, printed on A4 pages as colouring-in sheets for the kids.

We decided to have an afternoon sweet treat party, we had the 5 layer Birthday Cake, Iced Cookies, Rocket Pops (Ice cream shaped mini-cakes), Malva Pudding and Custard (as a warm winter dessert), and lots of sweets. Instead of having a party pack, we had a sweet buffet table with take home paper bags for kids and adults. As party favours we had some pink and mint unicorn plastic cups with lids and silicone straws for the older kids (which we used as part of the decor and put sweets in them on the table), felt unicorn and dragon keyrings for the little kids and mini slime pots.

Taylor’s birthday outfit turned out amazing too, thanks to her custom leather headband from Te Oulik and unicorn leather moccasins from Luscious Junior.

I wanted to source and use mostly local companies and everyone involved added just the right touch and made the vision come to life!

See below for the full list of brands and companies involved in the party.

*Disclaimer: not all products were sponsored, some brands sponsored for the giveaway only and others for the party only, others a bit of both, it was up to the brand how much they could sponsor. I bought and paid for the majority of the party or put in DIY for the rest.

Theme: Inspired by the Felt Baby Mobile from Mossie Handmade

Decor: Pastel Balloons, Pastel Paper Plates and Pastel Paper Cups from Must Love Party Gold Foil number one Balloon, Foil Unicorn Balloon from China Town in Ottery.

Food: I made the Birthday Cake and the Cake Toppers myself but purchased everything I needed from CAB Foods in Kenilworth – Cake Premix, Fondant, Ready Made Icing, Food Paint, Gel Food Colouring.

Themed Iced Cookies were made by The Frosted Raspberry.

Rocket Pops were were made by Sweet Lion Heart.

Party Favours: Slime from Sorbet Slime.

Pink Unicorn Plastic Cups, Mint Unicorn Plastic Cups from China Town in Ottery.

Unicorn and Dragon keyrings from Mossie Handmade.

Clothing: Taylor’s dress from Ackermans.

Leather Unicorn Headband from Te Oulik.

Leather Unicorn Moccasins from Luscious Junior.

Dragon Capes (worn by Caleb, Craig and Joel) from China Town in Ottery.

Photographer: Jesi Townsend Jeezytown

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