We’re having a GIRL!!!

We found out on 29th of September 2017 that we’re expecting #BabyNo4OnTheWay, we’ve been quite preoccupied with everything going on with Craig and him being in and out of hospital, then it was the end of the school term, Christmas, New Year and all the family get together that comes along with that, it seemed time just flew by and now I’m half way through my pregnancy and the due date edges closer and closer.

If you take a read at my very first post “How do I handle the news of another boy?” from more than a year ago, the one that started my blog, you’ll know that we while we weren’t planning on having any more kids (and our motivation definitely wasn’t to have a girl) but we were also open to what God has planned and that if we did expand our family it would be something that God had orchestrated and not based on our choice.

Psalm 139:16 “Your eyes saw my unformed body, all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be”.

Our photographer and friend Amy Green said that she would love to do a gender reveal photoshoot session with us if we’re keen, I immediately loved the idea, even though it scared me a little because I had no idea how the kids would react and it would all be captured in the moment. If you’re wondering what a gender reveal photoshoot is and how it works, don’t worry you’re not alone. Basically we go for the scan but we let the ultrasonographer know that we don’t want to know the gender during the scan and instead ask that she let Amy know secretly, so that she can prepare for the photoshoot. So when do we find out you may ask? Well, we find out in a fun way during the actual photoshoot, whether it’s popping a black ballon containing either pink or blue confetti or cutting a cake that has either pink or blue sponge inside or having pink or blue balloons filled with helium in a box or covered so that when it’s opened or the cover lifted the balloons pop up. We choose an in studio photoshoot with the helium filled balloons and also we got to through some confetti up in the air afterward for some fun pictures too.

A fellow Instagram mom who follows my account suggested we do a LIVE video of our reveal on Instagram stories, which we decided we’d do and that way were able to include our friends, family and followers in the excitement and they could comment on the video live as it was happening. My gosh isn’t technology fun!

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